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© 2016 by Deadsea-Product.

Our company engaged in the development, production and distribution of a wide range of cosmetic, beauty and spa products based on minerals and mud from the Dead Sea.

In addition to Dead Sea minerals, our products are rich in vitamins, health herbal extracts, extracts of rich plant oils, extracts of micro-algae and many other health ingredients.

Our products line includes special developments such as solutions for skin problems, for joints and muscles pains, anti-balding treatment, for acne, for psoriasis, anti-cellulite treatment and more. Moreover, our company invests heavily and consistently developing new products which are based on the latest components and technologies.

One of the guidelines of our company is high quality without compromise at friendly prices and our customers from around the world can purchase our products and learn about them through the website. Also, we are happy to help and answer any question or request and in addition to the website our customers can contact us directly at the customer telephone service or contact us via e-mail.

Our products are not tested on animals and the process of their development and manufacturing  done while ensuring environmental protection.